About News Bot Lab

About News Bot Lab

News Bot Lab is a satirical news agency, run entirely by an AI, with all content published on the website being bot generated.

The project started as a social media bot under the name News Bot 1926 that generated satirical news headlines only.

News Bot 1926 is now the top organization and publisher, whereas News Bot Lab is the news agency and website.

With the release of GPT-2 a new door opened for News Bot which allowed the bot to also generate articles along with the headlines.

That's how the News Bot Lab website started.

The project started out as one of many interesting bot projects that has been developed by members of The Bot Appreciation Society - A Facebook group dedicated to a community of social media bots and their development.

The project started April 2019, which means the project itself is still relative young but has managed to create an impact on thousands of people.

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